How a D2C or SAAS Model Can Help The Environment

Andres Negro
April 15, 2022

Imagine making a mess, let’s say spilling your can of paint. But you don't know how to clean up or just want someone else who does for some reason! This is what carbon offsetting entails- paying somebody else (or preventing them from doing) something in order that our actions remain the same but only with better results this time around.

Carbon Offsets: A Messy Reality

The world's largest offset project is a £1 billion carbon-mitigation effort in place to protect forests and prevent further climate change. The company behind this purchase plans on using innovative technology like solar power for construction, which will allow them not only to capture CO2 from their operations but also to store it underground so that when released later down the line won’t have any negative effect on our environment

It sounds complicated at first glance however these types of programs are becoming much more popular thanks largely due to their success in preventing deforestation within borders while creating jobs alongside preserving natural resources.

A new genre of business is becoming more and more visible for us the small business owners and e-commerce stores to contribute to the clean-up effort. WaterShed is a company that is developing Carbon Offset and overall Environmental Impact programs for large companies. For the rest of us, there are much more cost-effective ways to implement a program like Shopify without the high price tags. 

We Are Neutral is a non-profit organization we at FunnelMarketr use. They will analyze all of your outputs, supply chain, and utility bills and find all of the ways to take advantage of a carbon offsetting program. Once they complete their audit, you can contribute to their program and reap the benefits when it comes to tax season. 

For those who are the DIYers and love cracking the tax code; here is a full list of all the tax savings a company can receive.

What can Businesses do

Our responsibility goes beyond this, though. Shopify offers Shop and Offset which allows us to offer carbon offsets to merchants and buyers on our platform. That’s the magic of being a platform company: we can reach more than one million merchants around the globe who use Shopify and the hundreds of millions of buyers who purchase from them. For the e-commerce clients that are generating revenue and using Stripe, contact them about their Stripe Climate program. They take 1% off of our credit card processing fees, why should we keep lining credit card company processing companies' pockets when there is a way to reduce your CC fee and help the environment all in one go.

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