The Two Metrics Marketing Teams Always Check And Why

Samad Saifudin
January 6, 2022

The Two Metrics Marketing Teams Always Check And Why

There’s no question that marketing teams are under pressure to deliver quantifiable results. In order to meet the demands of their C-suite and shareholders, they need to track and measure a variety of data points. But according to the latest 2021 CMO Survey, there are only two metrics that marketing teams always check: website visitors and leads generated. Let’s take a closer look at why these two metrics are so important for marketing teams.

Website Visitors

One of the most important things that marketing teams can track is website visitors. This metric gives you a snapshot of how many people are engaging with your content and, more importantly, how many are converting into leads. If you see that your website visitor numbers are dropping, it could be an indication that your content isn’t resonating with your target audience or that your SEO needs some work.

Leads Generated

Of course, generating leads is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. That’s why it’s no surprise that this is one of the two metrics that marketing teams always check. Tracking how many leads are generated helps you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and determine which channels are driving the most conversions. It can also help you prioritize which leads to pursuing and identifying any bottlenecks in your sales process.
Let's not forget sales generated,  the other metric marketing teams always check.  By tracking sales generated, you can determine how well your marketing campaigns are translating into revenue. This metric is especially important for businesses that rely on digital channels to drive sales, as it allows you to track the ROI of your marketing efforts.

So there you have it: the two metrics that marketing teams always check. By tracking website visitors and leads generated, you can get a clear picture of your marketing performance and make sure that your campaigns are driving results.
What other metrics do you think marketing teams should be tracking? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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