Why Companies Looking to Hire a Marketer should be Open to a Freelancer

Samad Saifudin
April 15, 2022

We understand the challenges companies are having these days with hiring the right people. Part of the issue is the labor market is consistently changing and many companies are not adapting to new norms. In the marketing world, there are now many new positions. These positions do not need to be filled by a W2 employee. Here’s why:

Lack of the perfect match

Marketers are choosing to niche down in more ways than one. This can be by niching down to a specific industry or niching down to a sub-component of what many Hiring Managers would consider typical requirements for a job. 

This can be very useful for fresh new ideas. A perfect resume isn’t necessary, and anyway most resumes are being padded and written for the job description. It's time to give some flexibility to applicants and look further. 

Versatility can produce results.

Having versatility in your skillset is important but many different case studies and projects under your belt will give you many more data points to draw from. Good marketing is innovative marketing. Checking off the box these days will not cut it. It’s imperative to draw from creativity and allowing your hire to work with other companies (within reason and NDA limits) will pay off in the long run. This is one of the main elements of “The Great Resignation.” These days, humans have a shorter attention span. This applies to what we work on as well. It’s time to take that into account. 

Marketing Channels can be Molded to your Needs.

All marketing channels can be applied to any industry. Anyone that says otherwise isn’t looking in the right places. For a creative and engagement channel, don’t overlook digital channels that your company might have not used in the past. Remember marketers are looking for eyeballs. Versatility can get your company the much-needed eyeballs it needs to attribute conversions. 

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